Thursday, July 7, 2016

Black Book By William L. Seitshiro

Couldn’t sleep, he wakes up and started cleaning up his house. He starts by moving his bed and placed it against the wall. He turned around and saw the space that the bed occupied was big, when he looked to his left he remembered that he bought food in the afternoon and started snacking on the food. He took a sip to his cold drink and though “where can I move this table too?”, he took it to the spot where the bed was. He took the bed where the table was and he saw that his bed room looked more spacious and neat. He continued on snacking on the food that he bought earlier as if it was his source of ideas.
Lucky is a friendly man, he loves people and enjoys meeting new people, one thing that Lucky hates is people that take advantage of him. Being a writer, he writes just about anything religious articles, relationship articles, and anything that he can read. Lucky believes that if he can read it, surely he can write it and even better. What Lucky can write best, knowing him, there is no one who can write it better than him, it is his own life. Lucky is a good writer, yet what makes him good is that he can take what he knows and experiences and write it as a short story or fiction story and people won’t know that he is speaking about him.
He woke up because of the stress that overwhelmed him. He felt mistreated and discouraged by his own employer so he started writing about his life and many situations that he went through, stories that he told were overwhelming and heart moving, people even sympathised with the characters that he created and that took his place in real life. People read his fictions stories that were inspired by real life events.
Though he was a huge success he was not satisfied because he was still working where he felt mistreated. Until one day he made a decision to leave his Job. What satisfaction did it bring to him, well joy and peace! No one was telling him how worthless he is, no one was shouting at him anymore, no was controlling him. He was content with where he was and who he was. The situations that kept him up no longer controlled or took hold of him.
Lucky started living a life free from discouragements and started making his way through life, doing what he knows best, write. People heard about him and people wanted to meet him and as he grew older, he started valuing his relationship with God because he knew it was him who brought him out of the ashes that people threw him in.
How many of us are like lucky? People who can say I left the pain that people caused in my heart and started living the life that God destined for me? How many of us can say that I am not being controlled by the system of the world and the things that are around me, or the people that pay my salary? How many of us can say that I have found God because I choose to be happy, peaceful, and represent him in my life?
One thing that I know about Lucky is that he has found God in his success to leave his Job and do what God called him for. I believe that when a person like Apostle Paul and Lucky testify “I am content”, they have sure went through a lot but they managed to find God in the midst of all things to a point that money and fame cannot by them out. Peace, Joy, Happiness, Love and all that is good and reflect God, they have found.
Aren't you tired of hiding how you so that you won’t hurt anyone or so that you can please everyone? I’m tired of pleasing people I was not created to be a people pleaser, ITS TIME I MOVE ON, I suggest you move on too.
We were called to be and live extra ordinary lives and be better every day, not to live under the shadow of someone or afraid you'll hurt someone. We should live lives that makes us content. I want to live a life that shouts out "I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection".
In my life I have had many bad experiences, I placed myself in situations but somehow God never left me. 10 years in ministry helping building churches, ministry for Sunday school, helping churches with youth, going to prison to preach and share love, helping in our cell group and etc God gas never left me.
I don't live everyday desperate for money, I don't live everyday desperate for pulpit, I don't live everyday desperate for anything but I am in constant search of who and where God wants me to be, because I know it will be awesome there. If you are expecting me to please you, sorry. If you are expecting me to follow you in fear that if I leave I will lose everything, sorry.
I want to be the best but not according to you but the best that I can be for me not for you. In order for me to get there I have to know him and the power of his resurrection. My heart’s desire and my life and pilgrimage revolves around knowing him, having a relationship with him and sharing him to the world.
Its ok if I’m a disappointment to you, I’m not your responsibility, its ok if you don’t trust me, I am not your responsibility, its ok if you don’t believe in me, I’m not your responsibility, its ok I’m a failure to you, I’m not your responsibility.
One guy wrote:" “Be The Best – At Everything You Do”
Every single time I’ve said this to someone, they come back with an argument:
“But how can I be the best in the world at everything? Or even anything?”
I then explain and clarify:
“I never said ‘best in the world’. I only said ‘be the best’.“
So, what’s the difference?
One is comparing yourself with everyone else in your universe, and engaging in a futile struggle to be ‘better’ than them.
The other is only looking within at yourself – and asking “Did I give it my all? Could I have done more?”"
You see, we were not created to live for other people, it can be our boss, friends, family, strangers, colleagues and etc. You are created to be awesome in Jesus.
So I will not please you anymore, I will live a life full of God and peace so that others may know God and have peace.
People will discourage you but if you accept their discouragement and lie to yourself, you will end up dead in your soul trying so hard to prove to them how good you are, my advice to you is that you should stay true to yourself. Trying to prove to others how good you are will just prove to yourself and them that you have no sense of purpose and direction. Sometimes your decisions are clouded by what you think others think about you.
I was once called a screw up and shity. I listened to my employer saying all those bad things and hearing it broke me apart because when he looked at me I knew in my heart that he only saw a screw up or a mess rising from dry ground. I lived everyday swimming and eating in this discouragements that I started to live everyday trying to fit in and make him happy, until I decided to quit.
Leaving my Job was not a decision that I planned. I never planned to leave my job, even more, to spite him. The decision that I took was for me. Waking up every morning to go to work and try to fit in and make him happy has ceased, waking up every morning and try to prove to others that I can actually fit in has ceased. I made a decision that affected my future wife, family and myself, yet I didn’t regret it, as a matter of fact I was content.
One Monday morning I woke up and my employer asked a question and when I answered he said I gave him shity answer and that hurt me, he continued to say that he doesn’t even know what I believe and how I interpret the bible, but as he continued to speak out of anger I smiled and looked at him as if I was taking what he was saying. That day I was content because I made a decision to leave and live how God want me to live. There was no word that actually crashed.
When he was finished I told my manager that it was time for me to leave and live out my purpose. My reason was not based on what my employer said or getting a new job or even being unhappy cause at that point I am light as a feather and enjoying the blessing of God. I believed what I always believed that God wants me happy and at peace, therefore God will see me through. Promises were made but none convinced me otherwise cause m decision was for me and it felt good.
How is it that a man would get a breakthrough that leaves him trapped? How is it that every opportunity has a guilt offering that has to be made? How is it that one has to go through pain when he keeps believing in and trusting in a supreme being? Do people have to suffer for them live the lives they desire to live? How is it that we try so hard to avoid situations even for our future kids but we find ourselves trapped in ridicule and shame looking and feeling inferior? How is it that even when a person believes so much in deliverance is still addicted? How is it that a person who is hoping and believing in salvation from friends and family is the one left in ruins? How is that a person can be surrounded by so many big buildings yet live in a box? How come, that a person would be surrounded by wisdom but he remains dumb?

This topic has nothing to do with religion but it has everything to do with the whole concept of humanity, what is the point? I find it very remarkable that we sometimes choose to care, yet in our hearts we are full of envy. I ask myself a question every day, how can I change or challenge someone today? The reason why is that I have realised that people do not care anymore, people do not care about family, friends and colleagues and being a person who values relationships I intend to help someone everyday by just talking to them.
·         What is the point?
o    A person can give you a job and trap you in the position that he offered you for his gain, Salvation without meaning.
o   A person can lend you money, just so that they can remind you that you owe them, salvation without meaning.
o   A person can preach to you, but resent you, salvation without meaning.
o   A lady or gentleman that you trust with your life, he/she says she loves you but spit your name on dust when you are not around, salvation without meaning.
o   A person gives you freedom but makes sure that you will suffer in the future, salvation without meaning.
·         I ask again, what is the point?
I studied the whole idea of racial epidemics and I have realised that there is a new kind of apartheid that people do not know. Have you ever heard of a term 'Corporate Apartheid’?
A view that suggests that black people are struggling to get jobs because white people still dominate in the corporate world, or maybe the other way around.
I have a friend who is a lawyer (consider him nameless) he said to me one day that black people, when they fail they disappoint and discourage black society around the globe. when white people fail they disappoint their families.
Every black person represents millions of black people because when you step into the corporate world most especially law white people with PhDs are expecting you to fail cause your black.
another friend who has a master’s in engineering has started his own business because he was working in a big firm and a young white boy was hired for a hire position than him and that boy had no grade 12 and my friend was expected to teach the boy.
another friend of mine was a junior pastor at a good church and the senior pastor brought a white boy who didn't study theology to b above my friend and my friend was expected to teach the boy about how to run the church so my friend quit and doesn't want to serve anywhere because it was unfair.